We set the Gold Standard for informed harvesting and mindful consumption of the world's finest lobsters.

Our ocean-to-kitchen operation is committed to delivering the best live lobsters harvested for the world's most discerning restaurants and chefs.


The Moral Compass of the Seafood World

We revere our fishermen and their catch, treating every lobster as a rare indulgence kept sacred on its journey to you. Working solely with licensed fishermen and industry experts and in strict adherence to regulations governing species protection. Look for the Lobsterboys branded logos on the bands of your next lobster as an emblem of optimal health, and unparalleled flavor.


We guarantee an unrivaled meat-to-shell ratio.

Our seasonal Grade A lobsters are held to the most stringent quality control standards imaginable, selected, and graded by our expert team and scrutinized for an unrivaled meat-to-shell ratio and optimal blood protein levels. The result the freshest, most flavorful meat available.

It's hard, but worth it.

This family-owned and run operation is founded on a modern approach to lobstering that protects fisheries and fishermen, and promotes informed harvesting and conscious consumption.

Improving Sea Regulations

Preserving fisheries and protecting fishermen.

Sustainable Lobstering Practices

Operating in strict adherence to local regulations governing species protection.